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Why Has PrimeXBT Become so Prominent in Australia All of a Sudden?

Why Has PrimeXBT Become so Prominent in Australia All of a Sudden?

For many years, Australians have been a significant part of the global cryptocurrency market, however in the past few years there has been an exponential growth in the popularity of cryptocurrency trading and investing in Australia.
While there has been a number of new platforms which have entered the market and are being used today by Australian traders to access cryptocurrencies globally, one platform stands out for the rapid growth of its user base within Australia.
We’re taking a deeper look at PrimeXBT, the reason that it has had as much success as it has in the Australian cryptocurrency market over the past few years, and some of the tools and features on the platform.
What is the Crypto Trading Landscape Like in Australia?

Australia has long been a global hub of cryptocurrency trading, and while this has been true since the earliest days of the creation of Bitcoin, it really has been over the past few years that the Australian market has expanded and matured significantly.
For many years there have been one or two Australian-based trading platforms which completely dominated the market, however a trend that we’ve seen recently is that newer trading platforms have begun to provide advanced opportunities for generating profit in the cryptocurrency market.
While local Australian trading platforms are beginning to grow in size as well, it has been most pronounced with international trading platforms that have been entering the Australian market and winning a significant amount of market share.
PrimeXBT's Entry into the Australian Market

One such international trading platform has been the world's largest multi-asset margin trading giant, PrimeXBT, which has quickly risen over the past 3 years to manage up to $2 billion worth of global trade every day in 2020.
As margin trading in the cryptocurrency market has become an essential tool that is used by a majority of traders, this trend has seen the popularity of platforms such as PrimeXBT increase dramatically over the past few years.
Particularly in the last 6 to 9 months, PrimeXBT has increased the number of Australian traders using the platform as a response to the advanced services and features the platform provides.
Fast Growth By Providing Advanced Features
PrimeXBT is a margin-trading-focused platform that allows traders to access up to 100X leverage on a range of cryptocurrencies on the platform including BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and EOS, whilst also providing up to 500X leverage on the range of traditional assets including stock indices, forex pairs, and commodities from around the world.
The platform has recently also moved into the cryptocurrency social trading market by releasing its Covesting Module, which allows traders and investors to create peer-to-peer Investment funds, allowing experienced cryptocurrency traders to let beginners copy their trades for a nominal fee.
PrimeXBT also has a unique 4-tier referral program, where affiliates not only earn from their direct referrals, but also the referrals that their referrals make, for 4 tiers deep, and this dramatically increases the probability of affiliate activities for the platform.
A Range of Benefits Enjoyed by Australian Traders

Traders are PrimeXBT also enjoy the lowest fees of any major cryptocurrency trading platform in the marketplace with a flat rate of 0.05% applied to all trades, irrespective of the size of the trade or of the asset class being traded.
PrimeXBT also provides ability for users to quickly and easily transition funds between different asset classes across the cryptocurrency and traditional asset markets, as well as funding accounts with debit cards and credit cards.
PrimeXBT also provides a streamline registration process that requires only an email address, and does not require any invasive private information in order to quickly and easily set up an account.
In Conclusion
The Australian cryptocurrency trading market has grown exponentially over the past few years as more traders are flooding into the market with the hopes of generating high profits and reliable income streams.
Over the past year or 2 years PrimeXBT has seen significant growth within the Australian market, fuelled largely by the advanced features and tools that are provided by the platform.
To learn more about PrimeXBT and about the features, tools, and services that are available on the platform, check out this link.
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