Forex HYIP programs - the tell tale signs of a forex scam - Earn 8% daily for 15 days is a high yield investment program or HYIP that offers 1.2% daily for 120 days as minimal profit for investment. HYIP is an online investment program that typically offers very high returns on the capital invested.
Plans: 8% daily for 15 days, 10% daily for 15 days, 13% daily for 15 days and 15% daily for 15 days
Minimum Deposit: $10
Referral Commission: 3% – 2% – 1%
Payment systems: Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum
This is what it says on website:INVEST EFFICIENCY LTD is a long term high yield private loan program, backed up by Forex market trading and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term.
Join Here:

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CLICK HERE TO JOIN is a high yield investment program or HYIP that offers 0.3-3% daily for 365 days as minimal profit for investment. HYIP is an online investment program that typically offers very high returns on the capital invested.
Plans: 0.3-3% daily for 365 days
Minimum Deposit: $1020
Referral Commission: 40%, 30%, and 20% of their net profit earned on binary trading, 7%-2%-1% commissions from bot leasing
Payment systems: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, tether
This is what it says on website:
Some years ago, our company members have been seeking a formula that would help people to have income on binary options with a 100% guarantee of success. While reaching this goal, it was determined that humans are unable to perform the needed accuracy and frequency, unlike Artificial Intelligence. For this reason, we decided to design specialized software that can overcome humans in calculating and forecasting.
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CLICK HERE TO JOIN is a high yield investment program or HYIP that offers 2.3% per day as minimal profit for investment. HYIP is an online investment program that typically offers very high returns on the capital invested.
Plans: 2.3% daily for lifetime, 2.8% daily for lifetime, 3.3% daily for lifetime, 3.8% daily for lifetime, 4.3% daily for lifetime and 4.8% daily for lifetime
Minimum Deposit: $10
Referral Commission: 5%
Payment systems: Perfectmoney, Payeer, Ethereum, Qiwi Wallet, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Visa/Mastercard
Brucks Banker is an international company established in 2007 and successfully developing for the fourth year in a row! The main activity of Brucks Banker is exchange operations around the world, in any currency of the country! Initially, the company operated exclusively with Fiat funds and provided customer services exclusively in national currencies. However, soon realizing the prospect of innovation and the value of the cryptocurrency, Brucks agent very quickly mastered this segment.
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What is HYIP? Experience investing in HYIP

Hello newbie! Today, I will write some introduction about HYIP, this is the first article on my blog, it’s basic knowledge, anyone has joined some HYIP or investment program online will know about HYIP, but I want to leave this article to you — Beginner.
I hope this article will helpful have some basic knowledge about HYIP industry to win and get receive profit, let start and make money online with HYIP.

What is HYIP?

A high-yield investment program, also known as HYIP, which covers all programs, offline and online, that are used to invest money to receive a higher yield than you would normally get at a bank, from 5% to as much as 250% per month making it the top investment program. HYIPs accept investments that are as small as 10 USD and claims that they can provide high interest rates.
To generate a high return, HYIPs often involve investors’ money put into high-risk ventures, such as day-trading stocks or bonds, or sports betting. A Bitcoin HYIP can work the same, except with Bitcoin or another crypto as the investment currency

How do HIYPs work?

Starting off with an HYIP online is simple, since all you have to do is register with them and then deposit some money into your HYIP account using the payment processor that they outline. The profits are paid out to the same processor to streamline the process.
All transactions of HYIPs are done over the internet.
HYIPs use E- Currency in their transactions because it offers the most convenient payment system. E- Currency suits best HYIPs because it has a feature that allows easy withdrawal of money making it a good option for completing online transactions. Moreover, E- Currency is accepted all over the globe. Another factor that addresses the need of HYIP investors.

What do HYIPs do to make a profit?

The main sources of incomes in HYIP Programs are:
However, very few HYIP projects use Investor’s money to use real business as I listed above. Instead, they use the latter’s money to pay the previous person (Ponzi model), using funds to pay for marketing activities to expand the popularity of the project, attracting participants.
If you want to grow your HYIP business online then you need the most trustworthy HYIP website first. And the best quality HYIP template can give the real taste. 'Besthyiptemplate' is the most suitable place for HYIP template design and scripts. Our template design is the most helpful and high-quality product among all templates.

website :
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Hello, dear HYIP investors. In this article, I will introduce a program called which provides medium and long term deposit plans. You can get back initial deposit within minimum 15 days. This program has been online since 03rd Dec 2019 and admin started his second promotion in this month. My former withdrawals were all processed successfully into my wallet. Now let me see something about it.
Started: 03rd Dec 2019
My deposit: $250
The amount of 250 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U3869878->U20978691. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit amount $ 250.00, for hyiper. Date operation 2020–02–20 03–10–43.. Date: 02:33 20.02.20. Batch: 303604954.
Investment Plans
  1. Deposit 10–200 dollars, earn 1.2% daily for 150 days and principal back
  2. Deposit 300–2999 dollars, earn 1.3% daily for 154 days and principal back
  3. Deposit 3000–7999 dollars, earn 1.6% daily for 157 days and principal back
  4. Deposit 8000–24999 dollars, earn 1.7% daily for 165 days and principal back
  5. Deposit 50–10000 dollars, earn 1.7% on weekdays and 1.1% on weekends for 365 days, principal back in the end
  6. Deposit 15–1000 dollars, earn 2.1% daily for 15 days and principal back in the end
  7. Deposit 100–10000 dollars, earn 2.3% daily for 25 days and principal back in the end
  8. Deposit 700–100000 dollars, earn 19.6% weekly for 5 weeks and principal back in the end
  9. Deposit 100–5000 dollars, earn 245% after 49 days
These are only parts of the plans provides. You can choose the one which is more suitable for you. But only join with your spare money and don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.
Referral Commissions offers various referral commissions according to the performance of promoters.
For common investors, you can earn 5%, 3% and 1% from your 3 level members. When your personal or total referrals’ contribution reaches 800$, you will become a Leader, then you can earn 7%, 4% and 2% from your 3 level members.When your personal or total referrals’ contribution reaches 1500$, you will become a Representative, then you can earn 10%, 3%, 1% and 0.5% from 4 level members.
What’s more, if you are excellent enough, you can also make money from the “REPRESENTATIVE BONUS PROGRAM”. When your turnover reaches $10000, your status will be Baron and you will earn $1500; When your turnover reaches $25000, your status will be Viscount and you will earn $3750; When your turnover reaches $50000, your status will be Earl and you will earn $7500; When your turnover reaches $75000, your status will be Marquess and you will earn $11250; When your turnover reaches $100000, your status will be Duc and you will earn $20000; When your turnover reaches $200000, your status will be King and you will earn $50000.
Payment Options accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin, Ripple and TRX.
Withdrawal Type
You can request to withdraw any amount of funds but not less than 1 USD. Please, note that all the cryptocurrency transactions are completed after 3–6 confirmations. The funds will be sent to your e-wallet within 48 hours.
More Information designed an original template for its website,registered a UK company certificate last year, called “FOREX BROKERS FINANCE LIMITED”, and registration number is 12178246. It now supports English and Spanish languages; On their website, you can find a review video; Admin displays the latest 5 deposit and withdrawal transactions, you can refer these data according to your own experience. You can find their social account links on the contact page, including Telegram group, Telegram channel, Facebook page and Youtube Channel. If you have more questions, you can also communicate with the admin through the online chat box at the bottom of their website.
Finally, if you are already an investor of, then welcome to leave your payment proofs or opinions through the comment box below.
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How to build HYIP investment websites?

HYIP investment industry is not so much huger than forex market. But there are still thousands of investors or hyip admins across the world. So if you are excellet enough, you can still earn more than $1000 easily every month. In this article I write something about building hyip programs...
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HYIP là gì?

HYIP là gì?
Bạn đang thắc mắc HYIP là gì? HYIP viết tắt của cụm từ “High Yield Investment Programs“, có nghĩa là các chương trình đầu tư siêu lợi nhuận.
Có nghĩa là sao?
Thông thường các chương trình này đem lại lợi nhuận cực hấp dẫn (từ 10% – 60% mỗi tháng) và cao hơn rất nhiều so với bạn gửi tiền vào tài khoản ngân hàng (3% – 8% hàng năm tùy khu vực). Các quỹ đầu tư siêu lợi nhuận thường hoạt động online và đăng kí dưới hình thức công ty, quỹ đầu tư hay tổ chức tài chính,…
Để hiểu cụ thể HYIP là gì? Hãy cùng blog tìm hiểu trong các phần bên dưới đây.

HYIP là gì – HYIP có rủi ro không?

Trên thực tế như bạn đã biết, khi đem tiền đi đầu tư là sẽ có rủi ro và lợi nhuận càng lớn thì rủi ro đi kèm càng cao. Trong lĩnh vực đầu tư HYIP cũng không phải ngoại lệ, thậm chí bạn có thể mất trắng toàn bộ số tiền đầu tư của mình mà bạn không thể đòi được hay kiện được bất cứ một ai. Trong hầu hết các trường hợp, khi tham gia đầu tư HYIP, bạn sẽ thường nhận được những đảm bảo và lời hứa chắc chắn từ Admin dự án.

Họ dùng tiền của Nhà đầu tư làm gì để sinh lời?

Chủ dự án sẽ quản lý và phân bổ nguồn quỹ của NĐT theo nhiều hướng khác nhau như : trade coin, trade forex (kinh doanh ngoại hối), trade stock (kinh doanh chứng khoán), mở trang trại khai thác coin, đầu tư vào các HYIP khác, kinh doanh nhượng quyền, mua bán trên mạng, mua bán cổ vật,…. và nhiều phương pháp khác để tạo ra lợi nhuận chi trả cho NĐT.
Bên cạnh những HYIP dài hạn có sử dụng quỹ NĐT mang đi đầu tư, kinh doanh thực sự thì một số HYIP hoặc cũng có thể nói là đa phần các HYIP ngắn hạn hoạt động dựa trên mô hình Ponzi (kim tự tháp), họ không tạo ra bất kì một hoạt động kinh doanh nào để đem lại lợi nhuận cho NĐT mà chỉ đơn thuần lấy tiền của người sau trả cho người trước, dùng quỹ chi trả cho các hoạt động marketing để mở rộng sự phổ biến của dự án, thu hút người tham gia. Vì vậy, trong đầu tư HYIP yếu tố về mặt thời gian (đầu tư sớm hay muộn) vô cùng quan trọng.
Tìm hiểu series dành cho người mới nhập môn đầu tư HYIP

Điểm khác biệt của đầu tư HYIP trực tuyến (online) là gì?

So với đầu tư HYIP offline thì đầu tư HYIP trực tuyến (online) có rất nhiều điểm khác biệt như:
+ Yêu cầu số tiền đầu tư tối thiểu (min deposit) rất thấp, có thể là khoảng 10 USD hoặc thấp hơn.
+ Chi trả lợi nhuận rất nhanh cho NĐT theo tuần, theo ngày thậm chí là theo giờ.
+ Gần như là 99% các chương trình đầu tư HYIP bạn sẽ không nhận được những thông tin thật sự về chủ sở hữu.
+ Họ luôn hứa sẽ đảm bảo lợi nhuận cho bạn trong mọi thời điểm.
+ Chỉ chấp nhận dùng các loại tiền điện tử: Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash, Bitcoin, Ethereum,….

HYIP là gì – Có nên đầu tư?

Câu trả lời phụ thuộc vào ý kiến cá nhân của bạn sau khi tham khảo qua bài viết này và cá nhân bạn có dám chấp nhận mạo hiểm được hay không?

Cần chuẩn bị những gì để tham gia HYIP?

+ Email cá nhân.
+ Ví điện tử: Xem hướng dẫn
+ Tiền: Cụ thể là USD trong tài khoản của các ví điện tử như: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer , AdvCash, Perfect Money

Các thuật ngữ thường gặp trong HYIP

  • Trust site: Dự án có độ tin tưởng cao.
  • Scam: Dự án không còn trả tiền cho các khoản đầu tư hoặc trả tiền một cách chọn lọc (chỉ trả tiền cho một số người).
  • Script: Là chương trình của dự án được viết lại dưới các ngôn ngữ lập trình để thực hiện các tác vụ trên giao diện của web. Hầu hết các script của các dự án HYIP hiện nay đều được mua từ các gói lập trình sẵn. Các script nổi tiếng hiện nay là H-Script và Gold Coder Script.
  • Minimum payment (Minpay): Số tiền tối thiểu được rút ra mỗi lần.
  • Minimum deposit (Mindep):Số tiền đầu tư tối thiểu.
  • Cashout, Withdraw: Chức năng bạn dùng để thực hiện lệnh rút tiền.
  • Instant Withdraw: Xử lí rút tiền tức thì, đặt lệnh rút tiền là sẽ được xử lí ngay tức khắc.
  • Manual Withdraw: Xử lí rút tiền thủ công, đặt lệnh rút tiền xong cần chờ đợi một khoảng thời gian từ một vài tiếng trở lên thì lệnh mới được xử lí.
  • Release Deposit: Rút vốn sớm trước kì hạn đầu tư, thông thường sẽ phải chịu một khoảng phí từ -5% số tiền đầu tư trở lên.
  • Pending: Lệnh rút tiền của bạn bị trì hoãn vô thời hạn, trường hợp pending quá 24h đều là dấu hiệu của các dự án lừa đảo.

HYIP là gì – Có mấy dạng site HYIP?

Ngoài câu hỏi thường gặp “HYIP là gì?” thì câu hỏi về “Có những dạng site HYIP nào” bạn cũng cần phải quan tâm và tìm hiểu thật kỹ nhé. Đây! Theo cá nhân mình phân chia ở thời điểm hiện tại có 4 dạng phổ biến bao gồm:
+ HYIP dài hạn (Long-term HYIP): Loại này lãi suất thường thấp rơi vào khoảng 1% – 3% hàng ngày bao gồm cả gốc với thời gian kéo dài từ 40 ngày trở lên hoặc lãi từ 0.5%- 2% hàng ngày, hoàn gốc cuối chu kì với thời gian kéo dài từ 20 ngày trở lên.
+ HYIP trung bình (Medium-term HYIP): Loại này thường đưa ra các mức lợi nhuận dao động từ 40- 60% mỗi tháng, các HYIP kiểu này thường hoạt động theo hình thức kim tự tháp – Pyramid Scheme (mô hình Ponzi) lấy tiền của người sau trả người trước, ai tham gia sớm thì rủi ro càng thấp. Các chương trình này mình nhận thấy thường tồn tại ở mức 3- 4 tháng trở lại.
+ HYIP ngắn hạn (Short-term HYIP): Cũng hoạt động theo mô hình Ponzi nhưng dạng HYIP này có chu kì ngắn chỉ kéo dài trong khoảng 10 ngày đổ lại với cách trả lãi theo phút, theo giờ, theo ngày hoặc cho phép rút vốn sớm với mức lợi nhuận cực hấp dẫn từ 20% trở lên cho mỗi chu kì và thường tồn tại ở mức 30 ngày trở lại.
+ HYIP đánh nhanh (Fast HYIP): Chu kì ngắn chỉ kéo dài một vài ngày thậm chí chỉ có vài giờ với lợi nhuận cực kì lớn, dạng này thì có vòng đời khá ngắn thường vào khoảng 10 ngày đổ lại. Ví dụ: 30% mỗi giờ trong 4 giờ, 120% sau 1 ngày,….Đối với dạng HYIP này phía blog không giới thiệu đến NĐT.
Chú ý: Thông tin chỉ mang tính chất tham khảo dựa trên kinh nghiệm cá nhân của mình để phân loại.

Các HYIP lừa đảo sẽ như thế nào?

  • Giao diện thiết kế sơ sài.
  • Sử dụng host miễn phí hoặc rẻ tiền.
  • Sử dụng tên miền (domain) miễn phí như: .xyz; .tk;…
  • Sử dụng các kế hoạch đầu tư lãi cao với thời gian ngắn. Ví dụ: 40% mỗi giờ trong 3 giờ.
  • Dụ dỗ bằng cách tặng thưởng lớn khi tham gia. Ví dụ: Tặng 25$ miễn phí khi đăng kí tài khoản.

Đối tượng nào không nên tham gia đầu tư HYIP?

Người đi vay mượn, cầm cố để đầu tư.
Đây là điều tối kị trong đầu tư HYIP. Tuyệt đối không được vay mượn, cầm cố để tham gia, bởi đầu tư HYIP là một lĩnh vực đầu tư vô cùng mạo hiểm, tiềm ẩn nhiều nguy cơ rủi ro, bạn có thể mất trắng toàn bộ số tiền đầu tư mà không thể đòi lại được từ bất cứ một ai. Hãy chỉ tham gia đầu tư HYIP bằng số tiền nhàn rỗi để trong trường hợp xảy ra rủi ro nếu số tiền này bị mất đi sẽ không ảnh hưởng quá lớn đến cuộc sống của bạn.
Thêm nữa, khi bạn đi vay mượn, cầm cố để lấy tiền đầu tư, sẽ dẫn đến bị áp lực về mặt tâm lí khiến bản thân đưa ra các quyết định sai lầm trong việc lựa chọn các dự án đầu tư, nhất là khi bạn bị thua lỗ bạn sẽ cố gắng tìm cách gỡ gạc lại bằng cách đầu tư nhiều hơn ở các dự án sau này để thu hồi lại số tiền bị thua lỗ ban đầu. Thế nhưng, đời không như mơ, một lần nữa, bạn có thể tiếp tục bị thua lỗ và thậm chí là lỗ nặng cháy sạch tài khoản. Chính vì vậy, một lần nữa xin nhấn mạnh lại rằng, hãy chỉ tham gia đầu tư HYIP bằng số tiền nhàn rỗi!
Người đầu tư theo phong trào, không hiểu HYIP là gì?
Đây chính lực lượng chiếm phần lớn trong thị trường. Họ đến với đầu tư HYIP vì được nghe từ một lời mời quảng cáo hấp dẫn như dễ kiếm tiền, đơn giản, nhân nhanh số vốn trong thời gian ngắn,…Đặc điểm của những người này là không hề có kiến thức về đầu tư tài chính, kiến thức căn bản để đánh giá một site HYIP, không có kế hoạch cụ thể. Và, họ đa phần đều thua lỗ.
Người mong muốn làm giàu một cách nhanh chóng.
Không có con đường làm giàu nào một cách nhanh chóng, tất cả đều phải có quá trình học hỏi, trau dồi kiến thức, vấp ngã và đúc kết kinh nghiệm để có được thành công.
Người quá tham lam không biết điểm dừng.
Cổ nhân xưa có câu “Tham thì thâm”, quả không sai tẹo nào, nhất là trong đầu tư HYIP thì nó lại càng thấm. Nếu bạn không kiểm soát được lòng tham thì toàn bộ số tiền lời thậm chí cả số vốn ban đầu tư của bạn cũng sẽ đều “theo gió cuốn đi” bởi Admin dự án có rất nhiều chiêu trò để đánh vào lòng tham của bạn như: mở chế độ lãi kép (compound), tặng thưởng, ra kế hoạch đầu tư hấp dẫn với số tiền lớn,…Hãy đặt ra những nguyên tắc và lên kế hoạch đầu tư cụ thể cho bản thân.

Các site HYIP uy tín đang thanh toán

Những site HYIP đang được giới thiệu trong chuyên mục “Danh sách HYIP” đều là những dự án được phía blog tuyển chọn và sàng lọc hiện đang thanh toán đều đặn cho Nhà đầu tư tham gia. Truy cập theo đường link dưới đây để xem chi tiết.

Kết luận

Như vậy qua bài viết này, blog đã giới thiệu cho bạn hiểu một cách căn bản nhất về HYIP cũng như giúp bạn có một tư duy đúng đắn về đầu tư HYIP và bản chất thực sự của nó. Ở phần sau, mình sẽ hướng dẫn cho bạn chuyên sâu hơn về cách kiểm tra (check) một chương trình đầu tư HYIP căn bản nhất cũng như tìm nguồn, thông tin để có các chương trình đầu tư HYIP mới nhất. Hãy theo dõi và đón đọc nhé!
Nếu bạn thấy bài viết “HYIP là gì” của bọn mình có ý nghĩa và đem lại lợi ích cho cộng đừng quên chia sẻ tới bạn bè nhé!
Chúc bạn luôn gặt hái được nhiều thành công!
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Reliable HYIP

About : The Wssavior is modern investment program who owned by WSSH LTD based in the United Kingdom. Our Corporate Headquarters is located here: Suite 2, 5th floor, Marshall House Ring Way, Preston, PR1 2QD, United Kingdom. Company registration number is №09159927. The Wssavior offers high-return investing in the Forex, digital currency known as Bitcoin, stock market and Fintech start-ups. Our company is constantly evolving, it improves its marketing components and creates new investment proposals. All this makes the Wssavior an industry leader and to be able to adapt to the constantly changing market conditions.

Min investment: $50
Accepted payment methods: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Payeer, Perfect Money, Ripple and Litecoin. Minimum withdrawal: $5 (daily withdrawal available)
They are a fantastic service. They have a live chat support and they answer almost instantly. At the bottom of the site, you can see live statistics for deposits and withdrawals. Their telegram chat is also active with a lot of payment proofs everyday. This site is also one of top rated sites on HYIP forums. Give them a try. For more information visit their site.

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I am not admin or owner of this program!
Started: 2019-05-19
Our program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they’re not financial experts. BitAlpha is a long term high yield private loan program, backed up by Forex market trading and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term.
Investment Plans: 102% after 1 day
Payment Options: PerfectMoney
Withdrawal Type: Manual
Referral Commissions: 1%
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*NEW* Join VIP Invest Club today! *NEW*

- Early Bird plans (10% more bonus) are available until 3rd Dec 2018 only! -

Running since: 26 Nov 2018
Min deposit: $100
Earn: 2% - 3% daily
Referrals: 3% for level 1, 1% for level 2 & 3
Payment: Bitcoin, Perfect Money & Payeer
Withdrawal: Automatic/Instant
Languages available: English & Chinese

Why is VIC different?
VIC offers investment plans that are more sustainable and for longer term.
Take advantage of extraordinary diversification of investment across multiple exchanges and markets (Crypto, Forex and HYIP) and make the secured investment with VIP Invest Club today!

What is VIC Insurance?
As HYIP world gets more riskier and every one of them are growing ponzies, We come with a new insurance scheme. Every member invested in VIC gets his insurance for investing VIC Approved HYIPs for a fixed amount. If the approved HYIPs scams any VIC user before earning his invested amount, the rest will payed by VIC. For that a 10% insurance fee and a deposit in VIC is needed. Every VIC member is an asset to our family.

HYIP markets?
Yes, we invest in HYIPs. But not all HYIPs. We track many HYIP programs and admins. So we know which one is most existing and will stay long. We invest in some HYIPs before they start operations. But we donot promote any HYIP programs or investment schemes. Dont invest any HYIP if you dont have proper experience in this feild. Here everyone seems legit but scammed at end.

Why we need investments if we can be profitable ourself?
We need investments to get our base stronger. If a investor make an investment here - we splits his funds and put it into our trading bots, forex trading, crypto tading, hyip trading. Every funds expire in 90 days max. So those funds will be secure in our wallet, and it will make our base stonger. The more investment VIC gets more stronger it becomes. These base fund will give much profits to our Club and act as insurance in our trading.

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About – Unique platform for the cashing of such cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Gold, DollarEarn from 2% to 4% per day earning any of the presented cryptocurrencies. Get a bonus at the registration of 100 GH/S and start mining! Invite your partners and get excellent referral accruals of 10% and 4%of the power purchased by a partner, as well you will receive 5 GH/S for each partner who passed the registration.
Click Here To Join Basic Information Min Investment Bitcoin 0.001, Litecoin 0.1, Dogecoin 1000, Etherium 0.003, Bitcoin Gold 0.1, Dollar 1
Min Withdraw Bitcoin 0.001, Litecoin 0.1, Dogecoin 1000, Etherium 0.003, Bitcoin Gold 0.1, Dollar 1 Avg. Refer Rate 2 Level Refer System 10%-4% Payment Type Instantly Company Type Hyip Web I.P Company Address U.K Company No Not Found Payment Accepted Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Payeer, PerfectMoney Links Homepage Investment Plan Of $ 0 – $ 2.99 – 2% 3 $ – $ 5.99 – 2.1% 6 $ – $ 19.99 – 2.2% $ 20 – $ 49.99 – 2.3% $ 50 – $ 99.99 – 2.4% $ 100 – 299.99 $ – 2.5% 300 $ – 599.99 $ – 2.6% 600 $ – 1199.99 $ – 2.8% $ 1200 – 2499.99 $ – 3% $ 2500 – 4999.99 $ – 3.5% $ 5000 – 4%
Complete Review Of Access to the account can be blocked for several reasons: the creation of several accounts to increase the profit, the involvement of inactive partners with SEO and other third-party programs, insulting the participants or the administration of the project.
The request for withdrawal is processed within an hour but no more than 48 hours.You will earn from 60% to 120% per month, depending on the size of your investment.For enrollment of the deposits in Bitcoin you need to wait for the 1st confirmation in the network. Deposits in other currencies are credited within 1 hour.
Special Features Of Professional Team They are team of professional traders in Forex & Crypto Exchange and Coins trading and Crypto Mining who know how to grab the profit end of the day.
DDOS Protection They are using one of most experienced , professional and trusted DDoS Protection and mitigation provider.
Instant Withdrawals Get your payment instantly as soon as you request it! Minimum withdrawal is no Limit There is no fee for withdrawals of hourly interest.
24/7 Customer Support provide 24/7 customer support through e-mail. The support representatives are always available to answer any questions.
Click Here To Join This article is writing on 10 Nov 2018 based on information available online & news portal. If you feel it’s outdated or incorrect, please write here to update it. Mail us: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Or Whatsapp Us- +13098896258 Disclaimer: Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online.
Click Here To Join
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What is HYIP ?

What is HYIP? HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. A program which pay very high profit in a very short time. Example - 105% after 1 day. Which means if someone invest $100 in a HYIP then he will get $105 returned after 1 day. HYIP offers different type of investment plans from where investors can earn 120% to 200% in a month even more. But the most important question is 'Does a HYIP really pay?' and the correct answer is YES! but, not all investors will be in profit, even some investors may lose 100% of his investment. It's not uncommon to find a HYIP which is paying from more than 6 months or 1+ year and many of investors has paid by those. Unfortunately, some HYIP don't pay from the very first day so it's important to choose a HYIP wisely. You must be curious that how HYIP produce such a high profit for investors. Most of HYIP tell that they make profits from forex, stocks, high yield bonds, gambling etc. It is possible to make high profits from forex, gambling etc but in reality, more than 95% of HYIP just pay old investors with the money of new investors. But, HYIP don't pay the all amount of money to one old investor. If a HYIP is offering 105% after 1 day and I join today with $100 then the HYIP admin can paid out 20 of investors who were joined yesterday. A standard HYIP run different type of promotional activities to collect new investors daily. There are more than thousand peoples invest in various HYIP daily. However, a HYIP can survive (keep paying) even it don't get new investors on daily basis. How to elect a reliable HYIP? There are more than 10 new HYIP launched daily. But most of those disappear in a few days. At first you should find those expensive HYIPs which have spent a lot of money for building the website and for promotional activities. This is a general calculation that if someone has spent more than $2000 to built a HYIP (+promotions) then he’ll must try to collect more than $2000 from HYIP Investors. In general, admin will keep paying current investors until he collect his desired amount. And many of HYIP admin still run their HYIP after collecting the desired amount. Some expensive HYIP stop unexpectedly if it can't attract investors at all or collect huge money in a very short time. Also choose a HYIP which pay a reasonable returns. For example : 1% daily for 150 days is a reasonable offer but 150% after 1 day or 120% after 1 hours is not a reasonable offer.
To make your research more easy, has a collection of most reliable and elite HYIPs.
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hyip website development+ custom templates designer

Hello everyone Thanks to all members of this forum.I am a professional web develope designer. More than 7 years of experience in high yield investment program development. I am also work into UPWORK.COM freelancer as a php/mysql/scripting/ website development. Not only hyip website. Now a days I am successfully develope forex binary trading platform+ ecurrency exchange program +Bitcoin trading +any business related website I can develope as your choice skreat. Also I can provide all kinds of website templates + script. And full website making time 28 hours. For more information and your order Please don't hesitate to contact me. Skype: mdshihab83 WhatsApp: +8801796759549
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4 Ways To Make Money Online That Really Works And How To Choose The One That's Best For You....

If you have been online for sometime, you would have noticed that there are tons of online money making opportunities talked about all over the internet and in a lot of advertisements.
Right now, I've got to tell you something: while there are several methods to make money online, some of them are not worth wasting your time on.
Many unscrupulous people, I will not call them internet marketers, will try to sell you many 'get-rich-quick' programs because they know you are desperate to make it online.
Which of these online programs should you avoid with a ten foot long pole?
Here they are:
a. Get-Paid-To-Read Emails
b. HYIP (High Yeid Investment Programs) - It has started floating around again here, and it's one BIG scam.
c. Online Surveys
d. Data Entry Filling
e. 'How To Make A Gazillion Dollars Online In One Day Without Lifting A Finger'.
And so on.
So which ways are guaranteed to make you money online?
Again, here they are:
a. Information Marketing
b. Affiliate Marketing
c. Blogging
d. Selling services ( website design, e-cover design, programming, article writing, ghost writing, copywriting, etc)
Note: You'll notice I didn't add FOREX trading to the list.
That's because I consider FOREX as an investment program rather than an internet marketing program.
The methods above are the only guaranteed ways I know you can follow to make money online. Every single guru you know is doing one or a combination of all of them.
You won't catch John Reese or Ewen Chia trying to make money by clicking and reading emails or running a HYIP program.
Before you even dismiss any of these methods because you are thinking 'I've tried it and it didn't work', you have to know that each of these methods have a gestation period.
What I mean by that is that there is a minimum amount of time you must allow for your efforts to begin to bear fruit.
You have to also know that you MUST do the right thing, that is, follow the right steps to get it to work.
How long will each of the authentic money making methods take to work for you?
a. Information Marketing: You can be up and running and making money with your own information product in as little as 2-3 weeks.
b. Affiliate Marketing : You can have your online affiliate marketing business set up, running and making money within 30 days.
c. Blogging: If you want to make money with blogs, you have to commit yourself to working on your blog for at least 6-9 months before the profits begin to roll in.
d. Selling Services: If you plan to sell your service online you can also be up and running and making money in as little as 1-2 weeks.
Before you choose any of these methods however, you must do one thing. And that is, you MUST do a personal self evaluation.
You have to take up a pen and write down what your skills and passions are.
This is very important because the reason many people fail is not because they don't do the right thing, it's because they have not chosen what is right for them.
For example, if you hate writing and you start a blog, you can't make it work. This is because blogging requires a lot of writing, not just for the blog but also for driving traffic to it.
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1.Gambling 2.Competitive gaming 3.Micro tasking 4.No Deposit Game 5.Writing articles 7.Social Discussions 8.Ad Sales 9.Torrent Seeding 10.Mining: I am recommeding best bitcoin mining project Use this to free join in [link]1
11.Betting Predictions 12.Merchant Sales 13.Faucets 14.Freelancing 15.Surveys 16.Trading 17.Work hard and accept Bitcoin as payment. 18.Forum signature campaign 19.Social media campaign 20.Lending 21.HYIP - High-yield investment program 22.ICO's - Initial crowd funding 23.Online, local store accepting bitcoin 24.Programming Innovative idea in bitcoin niche 25.Selling domains 26.Translating For Bitcoin 27.Trade Stocks and Forex with Bitcoin 28.Write an ebook (Pm me i will do the sales) 29.Bitcoin real estate broker 30.Sell cars for bitcoin 31.Altcoins - Alternate cryptocurrencies 32.PTC - Paid to Click 33.PTP - Paid to Promote 34.Bitcoin exchange 35.Get Paid to ****** 36.Bitcoin ATM 37.Bitcoin Vending Machine 38.Website with Bitcoin monthly subscriptions 39.Virtual reality game with Bitcoin integrated. 40.Bitcoin App - Apple Application 41.Bitcoin Debit Card 42.Reselling Torrent Invites 43.Gift Cards 44.Microsoft Keys 45.Steam Codes
Let's add 55 ways more now
I will update and will write an article in depth when you will help to get 55 ways more.
If this was valuable to you please donate:
Most of the income will be reinvested into my bitcoin blog project.
If you want to say thanks and support for bitcoin blog project you can a donate as you wish
Thanks & Regrds Btcminer
100 Ways To Earn Bitcoin!!!
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: btcminer2020
1: min*n*hub*io/?re*=DAI***B*C&**a*paignid=0
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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LUX PROFIT - NEW HOURLY HYIP SITE 100% PAYING - 15% HOURLY FOR 10 HOURS - MINIMUM DEPOSIT 1$ Real Talk On High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP's) For 2019 Best and Most Trusted Hyip Investment Site 2019 Minimum Investment 1$ Instant Withdrawal Proof Forex Trading Scams to Avoid: Forex Ponzi and HYIP Schemes High Paying Investment Programs-HYIP Sites-Forex HYIP Capcoin Trade - New HYIP Investment Site 100% Paying - 200% After 24 Hours - MINIMUM DEPOSIT 0.10$

Advertising video presentation for business, ICO, IPO, FOREX, HYIP, SMART CONTRACT. We are not just creating a video – we are revealing the idea behind it. Cost to know. Сoncept development. Script writing. Selection of locations. Casting. Shooting. Translation into languages. Adding 3D Animations. Portfolio. Motion Design. See all . Attakien. Motion Design. Creation and approval of the ... The most relevant information about legit HYIP programs from the best hyip monitoring - HYIP Monitor - The Best HYIP Monitor and Rating website. PAYING - Earn up to 7% Daily from Forex Trading Reviewed by Asingba Samuel on Friday, October 04, 2019 Rating: 5 Welcome to, Nigeria's best high yield investment program monitor Welcome to, Nigeria's best high yield investment program monitor Reviewed by Asingba Samuel on Friday, October 04, 2019 Rating: 5 HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. A program which pay very high profit in a very short time. Example – 105% after 1 day. Which means if someone invest $100 in a HYIP then he will get $105 returned after 1 day. Check our Top HYIP below. Add HYIP Forex HYIP programs – the tell tale signs of a forex scam. Author: ForexFraud Published: 20th September, 2019. High yield investment programs or HYIP is when the con artist and his affiliates defraud investors through promises of return on investment as high as 80 percent per day. These scams have been proliferating in the Western World since the legendary exploits of Mr. Charles Ponzi and ... The Best HYIP - High Yield Investment Programs Rating and Monitoring listing along with information, strategies and articles, news, advice make money online on HYIP investments. HYIP monitor 2020 disclaimer. We do not promote or own any HYIP sites. We can not be held responsible for any losses that may occur. All investments are made at your own risk. Use your own strategy. Please also know that investing in high yield investment programs can be illegal in some countries and states. We do not give any investment advice ...

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Capcoin Trade - New HYIP Investment SITE 100% PAYING - 200% After 24 Hours - MINIMUM DEPOSIT 0.10$ Register Now : Now this website is Not Paying hyip investment hyip investment site 2020 ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. forex investment program genuine hyip sites paypal legit investment programs paying bitcoin investment genuine hyip sites real bitcoin investment sites payza hyip investment most trusted hyip ... Best HYIP Sites Review-Trade Forex on Autopilot and Profit from a proven winner in the professional forex trading market. Forex Paradise has been offering winning investment plans to clients for ... Real Talk On High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP's) For 2019 (reuploaded) hyip hyip scam hyip review mlm hyip high yield investment programs #hyip #hyipprograms. Category Howto & Style; Show more ... forex investment program genuine hyip sites paypal legit investment programs paying bitcoin investment genuine hyip sites real bitcoin investment sites payza hyip investment most trusted hyip ... PEOPLE WHO INVEST IN HYIP (high yield investment programmes) ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE. Forex Scams. These things are becoming a lot more prevalent; here we are going to discuss forex ponzi schemes as ...